The series you've been waiting for is finally here! Initial shipments will soon be on their way.

The Hacker Way is the first Node Chronicles comic ever produced. Follow Gou Sokyeo as he pieces together our recent technology past to try and figure out what it means to be human.

This first issue explores the idea that humans are innately searching for something they can't quite describe, though other civilizations may have tried to explain it to us in the past. The reading explores what might be like to tap into an infinite source of energy and information transfer.

In the end, readers are challenged to start with the basics - to dabble with coils and electromagnetism and to get their Linux Operating System with SSH up and running so they can "DO CODE" and "HACK INTO THEIR OWN MACHINES."

With the comic and the app together, capture 8 symbols and find 2 additional hidden gems to unlock additional parts of the story and build your future.

Price includes Buy One Give One. For each Comic Book purchased online, a FREE issue will be given to an eager-to-learn student in an underserved community.