Type: Comic



20 years later, Zion, Quan’s son, finds out Gou’s discovered something incredible but isn’t quite sure what it is. Gou, having not really thought about all this, intuitively takes the papers and starts building. Zion, also not realizing there was a big secret, unintentionally keeps his suspicions about what Gou’s doing from his father. To keep things on the low, Zion and Gou begin using encrypted communications after a warning from Zion his stuff wasn’t secure. Gou learns to encrypt everything he’s doing from that day forward using the latest and greatest methods of privacy and security available today, ones not even a Turing Machine could crack.

Node Chronicles isn't yet another series about a white boy hero. Episode 2, Crackin' Code, is dedicated to black pioneers in technology, telling of a young 16-year-old prodigy named Zion whose atypical heroes include Chris Gardner, Ron McNair, Shirley A. Jackson, Window Snyder, and William Kamkwamba.

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