The Node Chronicles is about you, "The Next Generation." The G-Neeks started this movement as a way to spread acts of education all over the planet. Deemed as the only way out of the mess, G-Neeks believe that YOU will solve the next set of problems we face, and that only YOU can change the world around you.

To make it easy to understand, the G-Neeks tasked one of the greatest students of the game, Gou Sokyeo, to spread The Hacker Way. This is your opportunity to do something great for you and your family, and your community. To do this, use your natural learning abilities along with Node Chronicles and The Hacker Way and unlock your destiny.

Meet the Cast


Gou Sokyeo has only one characteristic that makes him different from other teenagers; his understanding of The Hacker Way. We're talking about a highly potent, insanely powerful philosophy that helps people of all ages recognize opportunity, breakdown complexity and reverse engineer anything in life. It's a method of hacking learning, focused on jumping in and building things that didn't exist before in order to improve the world around you (whatever that means to you).

Gou found the power of The Hacker Way at the age of 13 - a year prior to when all of the madness began.


Lilu Sokyeo is Gou's younger sister and resident math and biology expert. A little one with book smarts, Lilu's way too young to be exploring biohacking, and her desktop experiments with CRISPR, artificial photosynthesis and DNA storage often concern her mentor, Ladybug. There's a worry she may some day accidentally let loose a mutation into the environment that may change nature as we know it, for better or for worse.

Noone knows where Lilu got her smarts from, but she's more naturally gifted than Gou could ever be. Some believe it's from her ability to read books without falling asleep. That single trait in her brain, along with a naturally instinctive fascination with geometrical patterns found in nature, cymatics, DNA and the universe are gonna make you ask some serious questions about life.


Brother of Gou and Lilu, Nōn is a jock who's only goal in life is to become a professional soccer player, until the day he's forced to use his tenacity for something other than sports. Go a journey with Nōn that many young athletes will some day need to face.


Ladybug lives low-key off the grid at the Garfiled Conservatory, where Lilu often is found after going missing. Together, Ladybug and Lilu team up to not only refine Lilu's prototypes but to help Lilu understand the moral implications of messing with nature. In Episode 3, Biohackers, learn more about the origins of Ladybug and her rich cultural background, and why her spirit animal warns about the future of biological engineering.


Zion is the original OG in the town of Garfield Park when it comes to internet money. At age 16, Zion is one of Chicago's top underground prodigies. He even uses his hard-earned legit cash to fund one of Gou’s projects, “Powernet.” Though he could easily use his skills for criminal activity, he's actually never committed a crime. Street money ain’t nothin’ compared to stacking chips on the internet. Spend some time with Zion and you’ll see...


Once Chino's (Gou's father) intern on the stealth mode underground particle accelerator project, Vero PhD took the place of the mother of the Sokyeo children after she disappeared. Vero, caretaker of the Sokyeo children, begins to realize the Sokyeo kids are up to stuff that could be very dangerous, and must make a choice to alert Chino or guide the kids in her own way. After the incident with the "Powers that Be" - Chino completely fell off and went nuts, and now, doesn't want his kids even messing with technology. A tragic incident at the lab left Chino completely destroyed professionally, blackballed from the industry.


The influencers, many still alive today, are real world technology sector wizards. They've each come a long way, some at a very young age, to become unicorns, capable of changing life as we know it. These CEO's and Chairman are everything from gatekeepers of the worlds information to our future voyagers to the stars. How will each user their wealth, power and companies to change life as we know it? Only The Node Chronicles dares to shine a light on these figures.


The legends prior to us each figured out a piece of the puzzle that modern technology fits together each and every day. Like a baton, the legends left us clues and starting points to build our newest inventions. Some gave us warnings, others predicted the future. Some even told us things we never could believe. As you explore technology with Node Chronicles and The Hacker Way you'll learn about these incredible people, their findings and what clues they left for us.

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